IMPACT Toolkit


2010 IMPACT Campaign accomplishments favorably position ISHIB to help reduce cardiovascular health disparities among communities of color.

For over 24 years, ISHIB has been dedicated to serving ethnic minority populations to reduce the disease burden of high blood pressure (HBP) and cardiovascular (CV) risk factors. ISHIB is charged by its charter to:

• develop health-related programs to improve the quality of life of ethnic populations;
• disseminate scientific findings to aid in the understanding of health differences; and
• promote public awareness of the harmful effects of hypertension and related CV diseases, especially among communities of color

In 2006 ISHIB embarked on the IMPACT Campaign, a multi-year comprehensive strategy to improve the health of African Americans with hypertension and related disorders. The IMPACT Campaign is supported by educational grants from multiple corporate sponsors.

IMPACT Campaign initiatives build on a base of Knowledge—Action Plan—Support. “Knowledge” refers to the ever-evolving evidence base that provides a confident foundation for the management of HBP in individuals at high CV risk and encompasses advances in basic science, antihypertensive drug therapy, and therapeutic lifestyle changes. “Action Plan” refers to guidelines development, a proven strength at ISHIB. However, merely issuing another consensus statement is unlikely to have a meaningful impact on disparities in health outcomes without an effective communications, or education, strategy. The Support provided by IMPACT Campaign initiatives draws on expertise from multiple medical subspecialties and disciplines (including behavioral science and education) to ensure translation of knowledge into sustained, meaningful changes in the behaviors of both clinicians and at-risk individuals in communities of color.

In 2010 the IMPACT Campaign accomplished the following:

• Publication in Hypertension in November 2010 of “Management of High Blood Pressure in African Americans: An Update of the ISHIB Consensus Statement” (online publication on October 4, 2010)
• Development of a HBP management interactive algorithm, which was unveiled at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions on November 14, 2010, and is available online on the ISHIB website
• Development and dissemination at AHA of a slide set highlighting key elements of the new consensus statement
• Other consensus statement rollout activities

o “Meet the Professor” meetings in Detroit, MI, and New Orleans, LA
o Availability of the ISHIB consensus statement update on UBS drives, which were:

• disseminated at the ISHIB booth during AHA and via the ISHIB website
• utilized for speaker training engagements

o Web-based speaker training (scheduled for January 2011)

• Public relations initiative to support these rollout activities

o Press release on ISHIB, American Society of Hypertension (ASH), and Newswire websites
o Announcement in ISHIB Newsletter
o E-blast to ISHIB membership and sponsors
o Press room at 2010 AHA
o Press kits at AHA booth
o Industry Tour meetings during AHA

• An expansion of the scope of ISHIB activities to encompass reduction of disparities in Hispanic Americans and other communities of color

A key facet of the IMPACT Campaign is an emphasis on metrics, with the goal of establishing mechanisms for measuring impact on clinician behavior as well as patient care. The goal for ISHIB is to “raise the bar and ensure that our efforts have a measurable impact on reducing CV risk associated with hypertension” [Kenneth A Jamerson, MD].

IMPACT Campaign initiatives target primary care physicians (family physicians and internists); subspecialists (cardiologists, endocrinologists, and others); hospitalists; nurses; and pharmacists. The IMPACT Campaign also reaches out to community health educators, managed care, and the general public.