Dear Colleagues and Friends:

The ongoing economic uncertainty that we have faced over the past four years has also produced a profound effect on many not-for profit organizations. ISHIB is not immune. For over twenty-six years, ISHIB has been on the forefront in bringing awareness to the negative effects of health disparities in the United Sates supported primarily by our corporate sponsors who have been so generous over the years. As they too are now facing new and broader constraints on funding important initiatives, ISHIB must reach out to other sources for support. Here is where you can help.

The National Center for Health Statistics suggests that health disparities among U.S. populations are largely a matter of race and ethnicity, and are due to factors such as unequal access to health care, discrimination, language and cultural barriers. ISHIB continues to stand in the breach to help close that gap. However, to continue the fight, we now need, urgently, additional support to supplement ever decreasing funding from our corporate partners.

As you have already demonstrated to be a “Friend of ISHIB” by attending our Annual Scientific Conference, or by supporting Ethnicity & Disease, or perhaps as a volunteer during a regional community program, you understand the importance of our mission and message, we need you to extend that support with a generous contribution.

First, we ask that you consider ISHIB membership. This is the most effective support we can receive as it strengthens our collective voice and extends our reach. We are offering new memberships at 10% discounts for practicing physicians, non-practicing physicians and other healthcare professionals and students/retirees.

Secondly, please consider supporting our “Friends of ISHIB Campaign”. Your tax-deductible gift of $200 or more will allow us to continue the mission and extend our capability to engage more communities.

We have been able to count on your support in the past and hope you will make a financial commitment to support the viability of ISHIB. Help us extend our reach over another twenty-six years by supporting this membership / fund raising campaign now.

David S. Kountz, MD, MBA, FACP



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