IMPACT Toolkit

CV Toolkit Study

The ISHIB IMPACT CV Risk Reduction Toolkit Research Study aims to identify interventions to overcome healthcare disparities in African Americans and other underserved populations with uncontrolled hypertension by offering culturally sensitive strategies for sustained therapeutic lifestyle change and guideline compliance.

The specific community, Baltimore, is selected in an area of strong hypertension prevalence, socioeconomic challenges, and a large minority population. We will assess the progress of patients and healthcare providers with access to the toolkit versus the control patients and healthcare providers with continued standard care without the toolkit in this medically underserved area.

(1) translate ISHIB Consensus Statement and publications into community practice,

(2) assess the value of a culturally sensitive toolkit in an area where hypertension prevalence in African Americans and other ethnic minorities is high,

(3) measure the effects of the toolkit on medication adherence and guideline compliance,

(4) assess the value of additional support in the patient, caregiver, physician network in introducing the ISHIB Community Hypertension Educator and,

(5) provide employment and education opportunities to members of the community by way of training ISHIB Community Hypertension Educators.