ISHIB is pleased to announce the beta launch of the BP IMPACT App, translating a targeted behavioral intervention, into a mobile health application. BP IMPACT is a mobile health app – available for free on Google Play and iTunes App Stores – that allows users to track the impact of diet, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction on blood pressure. The app includes features such as goal setting, blood pressure recording, pulse measurement, pedometer, notifications, exercise videos and tips giving anyone interested in monitoring their health tools to do so (including those affected by high blood pressure).

As you are aware, ISHIB conducted an assessment of the impact of a targeted intervention – based on ISHIB TLC, ISHIB Consensus Statement and the IMPACT Cardiovascular (CV) Risk Reduction Toolkit – on blood pressure control in HTN patients with other morbidities. Results from this CV Toolkit Study were accepted by the American Society of Hypertension in 2013. A few highlights from the CV Toolkit study indicate that increased knowledge and awareness provided by the ISHIB Toolkit result in a bigger blood pressure drop through six months. Patients who completed six months showed increased weight-loss, changes in diet and salt intake, increased exercise, and better stress management.

To scale the results of the CV Toolkit study, ISHIB developed the BP IMPACT mobile app. BP IMPACT is a digital version of the CV Toolkit and is designed as a self-management digital tool for people suffering from hypertension. The application has the ability to track user progress over time and store trend information that can be shared with healthcare providers. The BP IMPACT app is one of the few mobile health applications that address behavior change in chronic hypertensive patients. The BP IMPACT app is available for download on the iTunes and Google Play app stores.

During the beta launch ISHIB is asking you and your patients to participate in a 90 Day Challenge. Please see the attached information for details on the 90 Day BP IMPACT HTN Challenge. The challenge will allow ISHIB time to gather data and feedback on the app so that it can be improved upon in phase II development.

We look forward to your participation and utilization of the BP IMPACT App. It’s a new day at ISHIB and we are so happy to have you as part of the team.